50 New Creative Business Card Designs For Your Inspiration

Creative Business cards are a must for any company to represent their brand. An effective market strategy always lies in your business cards, though your products and services are very good and creative. Needless to say that a business card is the face of its holder. We all want more admirers of our work, more potential clients and business partners and there’s nothing wrong in being eager to do better on the professional sphere. The main information with the company’s logo comprises the new business card.  These cards attract the attention of those intended and it is a good way for promoting yourself.

The principle idea of a business card is to provide all necessary information and contact details of its holder but on the other, it should help to produce the right first impression. These creative business cards are of various shapes and sizes. Cards for photographers, music logo in piano, simple cards, iPhone cards, soft business cards, studio cards, zebra logo, cards for wine bars, etc are some of them. The graphics and images used in this printing are very catchy and attractive. There are business cards for clothing company, cards inspired by world cup, cards for sculptors, card for fitness coach, cards for providing solutions to construction industry, coffee cup filled with coffee and laminated.

In this showcase we are presenting 50 creative business cards that you would simply beg to hold in your hand!

New Creative Business Card Designs

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Adriana King

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  1. Where do designers go to get these cards produced/printed? Typical business card printing companies in places like Tallahassee, Florida do not offer unique options of printing on non-typical papers or materials. Anytime I ask them if they can print on chip board they look at me with glazed over eyes. Can anybody offer advice on who to contact?

  2. Typography on these cards is really awesome, most of these guys used Premium Fonts, I think.

  3. Some great cards there, might have to do a bit of a redesign on some of mine!

  4. Cool collection of designs, thanks for the inspirational effort.

  5. It grabs attention and that is what we want............
    gr8 designs

  6. With cards like those... my buisiness with surely stick in everyone's mind,

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