Shopping Vector Girls

Hi Readers, today we have a really great free vector pack containing some really fashionable shopping vector girls, one of the best free vector collections of stylized girls. It includes shopping girls, with guitar, standing, walking, posing, listening to music, holding hands, umbrellas, cocktails, girl on motorbike, vespa, and many, many more. In this vector pack you will find 35 different vector illustrated Women and Girls, containing Fashion illustrations girls, Fashion figures, Lifestyle campaign, Beautiful women, Shopping Girls, Women’s sport and more. All files are in Ai format with JPG preview to make life easier. You can download them from here.

Available for personal use only, for commercial use please contact me.

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Adriana King

I'm a 22 young blogger, design enthusiast and writer based in Berlin. I oversee the editorial approach across platforms & mediums. Crafting the future of digital experiences through emotional design. I split my time between Los Angeles and New York.


  1. These girls rock! Love em

  2. Nice work. Thank you!

  3. Thank you. Love them!!

  4. Thank you. Nice.

  5. Hi Adriana, are you the author of these illustrations...? I found them a year or so back on another website and might be interested in using a few of them along with my own illustrations on a website I'm currently working on. Please contact me to let me know what I need to do to obtain the rights for commercial use, if they belong to you (when I found them before, it said they belonged to an Eastern European girl, for whom I was never able to find contact info.). Thank you in advance. Best regards, Sarah

  6. Thank you su much Adriana ❤ :*
    first love you next love them!!

  7. Thanks you very much. I love this !!

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