Vector Woman illustrations

In this 4 sets you will find 8 very stylish stock vector woman illustrations (or girls) for your fashion designs, flyers, banners, posters, prints or anything design related. I really like the clothing, the new age fashion really makes them stand out from the crowd. The format of the vector girls: EPS stock vector clip art. Free download from here (mirror).

Here we have two very sexy vector girls, dressed to impress, perfect for a nigh out in the club or disco.

The two vector models are very usfeul if you want to use them in gift cards or announce some discounts on banners for your store.

I really like their sexy outfits, they are great if you want to design something to capture the essence of a very glamorous and fashion or fancy occasion.

Available for personal use only, for commercial use please contact me.

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Adriana King

I'm a 22 young blogger, design enthusiast and writer based in Berlin. I oversee the editorial approach across platforms & mediums. Crafting the future of digital experiences through emotional design. I split my time between Los Angeles and New York.


  1. u r very2 creative.. i give ya two thumbs up!! super bautiful artwork!!! love that...

  2. creative!

  3. You and your creations are very beautiful!

  4. Hi Andriana I would like to use your art for a flyer I am doing on Poshmark. Would that be ok? I love them and they are perfect for what I need. Thank you, Sandy

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